This could go on all day!

This could go on all day. I’m cleaning my studio and what a mess I’ve created! It started off as a normal morning and I had a list of projects I wanted to finish. Funny thing is that every time I feel like I’ve got too much to do or too many things on my mind, my brain says “let’s pull everything out and clean!” So that’s what I’ve been doing. Of course now I have piles of things all over and it looks MUCH worse than when I started. Logic tells me I’ll be happy when I’m done but right now I can’t see the forest for the trees!

Do any of you ever do this? You get overwhelmed so you just stop everything and start cleaning? I have no idea where this come from, but I hope I’m not alone. It’s really sick if I’m the only one LOL! I’ve been known to rearrange furniture, throw out all kinds of things, and pretty much exhaust myself before I’m done. When I’m done, I ALWAYS feel much better and of course the good thing is I have a nice clean studio to work in!

In the middle of all the cleaning I HAD to stop and post these photos for all of you. These are the “after” shots of my frenzy. First I pulled all my wool off the shelf and rearranged it in neat stacks (yes, I said stacks). Then I put Bitty Bunnies, and my prototype of Bitty Kitty in front of the wool. The Bitty Kitty you see here was one of my rejects. The first mouse I made was way too small (the tiny brown one) . Then I made a larger mouse, and I thought it would be so cute in peach wool, but it actually looked a bit anemic. So my rejects are now at home in my studio! They don’t go into the garbage unless they are REALLY bad.

Remember these little bears? I found them stuck in a basket. Out they came and now they are doing a line dance in front of my fabric. You’ll find this free pattern on my web site, at the bottom of the page Now you can make a line of little dancing bears!

In the same basket was a poor single little bitty bird. Look where she found a home! She’s on my wall, perched on a kitty picture. She loves it here!

I put all of my ric rac on a shelf and realized I have bolts and bolts. So soon I’ll add some grab bags of trims to my web site. You’ll be able to buy assorted bags of those fun trims I use in my patterns! You never know what you might get (: Coming soon, I promise.

And remember the pink polka dot boxes I bought from ? Well I LOVE them. They are the perfect size for each of my projects so I just ordered a few more boxes. Each project will get a tag and it’s own box. How’s that for organization?

Wow, it looks so good in here if you just look at the photos. Glad you can’t see the rest of the studio! (:

Back to cleaning.

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  • PamKittyMorning - Ahh theraputic housecleaning! I know it well. It never lasts with me, but it feels good doing it. Your pictures are so pretty. I love the teeny little mouse. You’re so cute and clever.ReplyCancel

  • bernie - You’re not alone! I do it all the time! lol Now I know there’s someone out there who’s just like me AND it’s Anne of Bunny Hill! I’m in good company lol :)ReplyCancel

  • Rachael Rabbit - Its so funny because I was in the city quilter in NYC today and there were your bitty bunny kits and I thought of you and your kind words of encouragement! Perhaps one day I’ll have a pattern in a beautiful shop too! (A girl has to dream.) Your pink polka dot boxes are simply to die for! Hoping you had a good weekend xReplyCancel

  • Erin - Anne – Love Bitty Kitty and the Ric-a-Rac and now you make me want to clean my office. However…make me want to and actually doing it are 2 different things. I am exhausted now…but it sounds good for next week. Oh! I forgot the bears…too cute!ReplyCancel

  • The Christmas Shoppe - Anne – I think we’re related, because in the middle of all the cutting, folding, etc. in preparation for my trip on Tuesday I decided to clean out some of the sweaters in my closet! Now is that nuts or what? I took out 14 sweaters and now I’ll take them to the Goodwill.

    Maybe we can get a good deal, like buy one get one free, from a good therapist???

    Mary JaneReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I am guilty of this as well. So I guess we are all really fabulous organizers. I think it is very therapeudic. There is only one problem when I do this I have a hard time finding things if I have relocated them! Thank you for the adorable pattern for the bear. I know just the right baby to make it for.

  • Amanda Herring - SOOO funny! I did the same thing today, did a post on my blog about it, and clicked over to yours! It must be in the air. Your studio is much cuter than mine, though! I have studio envy!

    The Quilted FishReplyCancel

  • muffinandme - I understand this completely. Completely and absolutely. I find that when I have too much on my mind, and too many projects all clamouring for attention (like our catties around dinner time) then this seems to be reflected in my surroundings and it is time to clean and organise. However there is always a point, roughly halfway through the process when, if I were to stop and look around, everything probably (definitely!!!) looks worse than it did to begin with. This in the midst of pulling everything out of boxes and containers, off the desk, and the top of the marriage chest, and even from out of the deep recess of the marriage chest and trying to find some sort of order in the chaos, some little hint of organisation, and like with like. But with perserverence, often much sneezing (I’m asthmatic, and big time allergic to dust etc), the application of antihistime (to stop the aforementioned sneezing), and diligence, finally something vaguely resembling order starts to appear, not to mention any number of items I had either been desperately looking for or had entirely forgotten about that suddenly reappear. I find at the end of all this not only do I benefit from a much tidier and organised work area, but somehow the process seems to tidy all those willful and formally chaotic thoughts, and ideas clamouring for attention.

    Wonderful West Gippsland, AustraliaReplyCancel

  • KSedlak - It’s always so fun to see what your going to blog about next. My studio sure needs a good cleaning too. It’s something I’ve been trying to get to for weeks, but always find that other things come first.
    Your little creations are adorable.
    Thanks so much for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • ozjane - Oh dear I hope this is not infectious. The last time I did it I seem to remember a keen appreciation of the word I try to forget unless it is to secure my viable parking spot.
    Isn’t it wonderful to have it all sorted and to find some things.
    It is like playing with scraps seems more fun than cutting into new fabric.
    I am seduced by those bears and have printed out the patterns.
    Also, being Moggie’s Mum I love the cat and mousie. Are they available for purchase anywhere.
    My mind says I could draw a cat, my emotions emote fear at the thought.
    Please do continue having fun and posting pictures. It is inspiring.ReplyCancel

  • from little acorns - Oh how funny. . . I was up until midnight last evening cleaning out 2 closets. . . It felt so good!. . . Now there is just 2 rooms to go (office, studio). . . & then it will be time to move the furniture! (Seriously. . . entire rooms are moving!) Guess I can’t complain of ‘nothing to do’ any time in the near future! :-)
    xo, BrenReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Well, I think ua re having much more fun tahn i am – I am cleaning the garage!!!!!!! yuck! it is in the hopes that if it is clean and ready to be packed – or better yet packed, the house will sell becasue i am prepared and i can move into my house with a master bedroom which will of course become my fantastic quilt room- after all who needs much of a place to sleep, now quilting , on the other hand… All the goodies i have come cross are pictures of horses and my Boxer dog s long gone – so sad – but good memories too, and makes me hug my now boxer, Obadiah(obie) a little tighter! Oh by the way cant wait for your trim bags to show up – you and rabbits prefer chocolate have gottten me hooked om trims!

    HAVE a fun day!

  • Anonymous - You forget half of the things you have untill you decide to have a clean out and you think where did that come from.or i dont remember buying this its all good fun.and then its all nice and tidy for a few weeks.I love your bunnies and the bears I have a friend having a baby they would look good across the pram I will try them thanks for pattern
    hugs Mary.ReplyCancel

  • Mary - I hear you. Whenever I feel frustrated, I name “stuff” as the enemy and seek to erradicate it. The last three months have been particularly stressful and you cannot believe how much is gone.

    And I must say that it’s rare to regret what I’ve tossed. Umm … only where magazines are concerned, so I quit tossing those.

    I love how you put all your little friends in a row. That kind of thing always brings peace.ReplyCancel

  • mascanlon - Oh my, I had forgotten about that cute little bear pattern so I had to rush off and make one for my 3 month old granddaughter. She loved it, so now I think she needs a few companions to line dance on her book shelves too! Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Jean C. - Anne, I’m with you! Really your not the only one who cleans like that! Matter of fact I may be putting my sewing room downstairs into a bedroom that still doesn’t have carpet… (we will be putting carpet in first… who knows when all this will happen!) And so, I spent part of Friday night drawing and measuring where I would/will put things when it’s ready. What a sense of peace it gives… makes you feel creative when things are organized. You know where they are, where they are going to be (unless one of my kids comes home to visit and moves something!)and what I have to use too. How many times have you cleaned/re-organized and found things that you totally forgot you had? I do it all the time. I think that’s why it’s great to do it every now and then so you can remember what you have and where it’s at.
    I think too that sometimes when we do go thru stuff it gets me all energized to do projects that I’ve forgotten about! Or I think of something else I’d like to re-vamp to spice it up. Sorry I got a bit lonnnnng winded.
    Your blogg is great… keep up the good blogging!ReplyCancel

  • Jean C. - Anne, I forgot to ask, where did you get the beautiful plates? The one on the top left is wonderful! I would assume it’s a vintage/antique? Really pretty… looks great on the wall like that!ReplyCancel

  • Nanette Merrill and daughters - Amazing what you find and change when you do a clean like that. I like to sing a little song when I tidy my sewing room up at night about not leaving one thing out, its a song I learned when I was young. (I”m NOT a singer) but it helps me to tidy for the next day so I find things fresh. If the room is not organized I don’t have good creativity. So I think thats what you were doing. Cleaning out your creativity.ReplyCancel

  • Cindy@Cutepinkstuff - You’re not alone! This is my formula: dirt + clutter = cleaning + rearranging everything in sight! Sometimes all this even leads to shopping! I guess its called getting organized, or maybe a bit of OCD!

    I last visited you before market. I knew you would be busy, so I returned after market and see you are still busy! Your energy level is amazing! Hope all is well!ReplyCancel

  • Wendy - I am just like you…when I am overwhelmed with projects or stuff sometimes I just like to clean it all out…clear it all out…but, of course, one project leads to another project which leads to reminiscing which leads to rearranging which takes up the whole day and you have a nice clean room but have finished nothing else…I am with you 100%…i bet you feel better though!ReplyCancel

  • Barbie Jo - It is in the air, cleaning I mean, I think its called Spring Cleaning! I have been weeding out the closet in my guest room. My sewing studio always seems to be a mess. You have inspired me to tackle that next!ReplyCancel

  • Heidi Ann - Hi Anne, if it makes you feel any better I do exactly the same thing….finishing a project, opens up an entire day of reorganizing & cleaning!!???…but you are so right, afterwards you feel so great!!
    Also, just stopped by the Fat Quarter Shop in Vista, Ca. which is near my house. The ladies there mentioned they had been to the Quilt Market! I told them I knew all about it because of my blogging friends who had gone & shared it all with us! Also saw some of your adorable patterns! Better go…need to finish a few projects! :)…HeidiReplyCancel

  • Cyndi Walker - I am so with you Anne! Currently, my studio is so bad I can’t even take a step without having to watch where I’m walking. It’s a total disaster and the little voice in my head says “Take everything out and make it CLEAN!” This weekend may be the weekend…ReplyCancel

  • Kimberly Jolly - I love those baby bears. Emma still has hers in her toy box. I think of you every time I see it!ReplyCancel