Good bye Spring Market 2008!

Quilt market = work. When you arrive you are greeted with a few drapes and poles. That’s it. For everything else you’re on your own. A scary thought when you actually look around. Stacks of boxes, suitcases, and props are all you see! Did everything make it? Did we forget to bring something? Then you realize you’re really not alone. Everyone else is in exactly the same situation. The goal is to take your own area and make it unique. We all have a blank canvas!

The end result is a huge room filled to the brim with creative ideas, exciting new things, and sensory overload!

Moda has a new line of fabric coming in September called “Heritage”. It’s a reproduction of beautiful prints taken from a vintage quilt in shades of taupe, blue and brown. In the picture above, you can see the new quilt right next to the vintage quilt. All the proceeds from this collection will be donated to charity!

Market would not be complete without a bit of the Bernina Fashion show. Be sure and enlarge this photo so you can see the trims and buttons. Do you think they have an embellishment kit available? I took this photo because I knew it was so me, I mean so you!

Bitty Kitty sat quietly on display, inside her glass house, until she saw me walk over and take a photo of the quilt below. She had a jealous tizzy! There’s another cat in the house! Poor Bitty!

The cat in this quilt captured my heart. This quilt is so creative and amazing I had to share it with you. I took a close up of the sign so you could read the story behind this quilt. It’s from the Netherlands. Thank you Heidi for sharing your creative imagination and talents.

And so, my ode to spring market comes to a close. So many memories, good friends, and wonderful customers I will never forget.

And at the end of it all, it looks almost like the beginning!

Good bye Spring Market and hello Fall! (:

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  • Miss Jean - I can’t wait till Bunny Club in June to hear more about market. It must be an amazing and self affirming experience. Who doesn’t love Bunny Hill?!

    See you then.ReplyCancel

  • PamKittyMorning - How did I not get a photo with you? Ok, fall for sure. Your new quilts are completely cute and the whole booth was darling. Like you Anne!ReplyCancel

  • from little acorns - Isn’t it amazing at how fast takedown goes, & it all goes back to looking like what it did (okay. . . worse) when we arrive?

    Your booth was so adorable Anne! And, I’m with Pam. . . how did we not get our photo taken. . . (much less lunch!) Time is so fleeting on those Market days!

    Thanks for all your great photos of Market. Mune are pretty sparse. . . so I will be sending everyone here! :-)
    xo, BrenReplyCancel

  • periwinkle - Just read your last few posts and it looks like you had a great time, there is some gorgeous fabric and quilting in your pics
    Lisa xReplyCancel

  • Red Geranium Cottage - Love the little kitty under the glass dome and love her glass dome too.
    Now maybe you can get some rest before gearing up for Fall market.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Thank you so much for posting the “rest of the story photos”.
    I can hardly wait to see the Heritage collection. The colors sound wonderful.

  • Nanette Merrill and daughters - What lovely pics. The Heritage fabric looks wonderful. It all looks like so much work and now you have to busy busy and get ready to do it all again!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Thanks For showing us Your photos looks like you had a good time Now its time to have a rest.
    Hugs Mary.ReplyCancel

  • Rachael Rabbit - Its just amazing how much stuff everyone has – how quickly everyone goes comes, sets up and goes away!ReplyCancel