Things are Coming and Going

The last few weeks before a quilt market are the most exhausting and yet the most exciting. It’s a scramble to see how much can be packed into one day, how many quilts can get finished and how many patterns completed. And the UPS man just keeps arriving and arriving.

Today the UPS man brought printouts of the beginning of my next fabric line. Pieces of paper that represent my drawings, thoughts and ideas, brought to life by my fabric company. I’ll give you a hint…this fabric line is strictly for little girls…No boys allowed. (:

Yesterday the UPS man arrived with bolts of the brown check fabric from Flowers for Emma. Guess where these are going? These will be the new drapes for the Bunny Hill booth at market! They’ll be stitched into drapes, pole covers and assorted other things, sprayed with fire retardant and then shipped to Portland where my Bunny Hill team will gather, pull and fluff this fabric till it’s just right!


See the sketch in the picture above? (Ok, I know you can’t actually SEEEE it. I did that on purpose. Duhh!) Nireko and I are working away on this quilt and 3 of the 9 blocks are almost done. It’s so exciting to see it come to life from the drawings that we started with. It’s my new Christmas Block of the Month and after having the flu last week I am ready for a Christmas miracle! Do you think we can get it done in time?

Then today a package arrived from my friend Anne Bryson in Oregon. She’s been putting together a new quilt for me and the pattern is called Cabins and Cottages. No, you can’t see the cabins because those are in another version of the quilt. These are those log cabin blocks I showed you WAY back in another post. So if you love shabby and think you’ll want to make this quilt, get yourself a fat pack of Simplicity and several charm packs of Swell, both from Moda Fabrics. The pattern will be available in six weeks (:

Hugs today for all of you. I’m feeling better (:

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  • Jackie - Glad to hear you are feeling better!! I have just one question, can you send the UPS man my way??? I would love some of that fabric for my stash. The sneak peek looks gorgeous and the quilt looks scrumptious!! I will be anxiously awaiting the pattern. I can’t wait to see the BOM too!! Everything looks great and as you said…EXCITING!!!ReplyCancel

  • PamKittyMorning - OH.MY.GOSH.

    All so cute, the new line, the new quilt.. YOU!!!


  • Nanette Merrill and daughters - Oh Anne. It makes me almost weep they are all so beautiful. Silly but true. The quilt looks like the sweetest thing since chocolate cake. And the fabric sketch at the top – a delight. You are such a great artist. Bravo.ReplyCancel

  • Shannon (Aunt Bunny) - I LOVE the new fabric! I can hardly wait to see the entire line. Thanks so much for the sneak peak!!
    I am glad you are feeling better!

  • KSedlak - Anne
    It sounds like you have recovered from the flu with full speed ahead on projects.
    I love what I see and am anxious to get the Log Cabins and Cottages pattern and fabric.
    I will be on alert for your next posting.
    Thanks so much for sharing all the exciting things that are happening at Bunny Hill Designs.

  • from little acorns - Save me one. . . of everything!!!

    So beautiful! . . . all of it!

    xo, BrenReplyCancel

  • Erin - I have never made a quilt…but I am going to attemp to make a table top quilt. It will only be 9 squares (I know…very kindergarten to you professionals), but I am scared to death. I want it to turn out well, but I am scared I’m going to screw it up. The Good News…I actually have good taste in fabric…so wish me luck. If it turns out cute…I’ll send you a picture to critique. O’kay?ReplyCancel

  • Rachael Rabbit - oh I’m so glad I’m a girl and can enjoy the fabric – it looks utterly delicious! The quilt is just totally adorable ….. really really gorgeous ….ReplyCancel

  • Robin - Oh my! I must have this Cabins and Cottages pattern – and the fabric is delightful!
    This is becoming such an addiction. . .ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - What a grand idea of cabins and cottages…Wow..Love the little check..I enjoy doing shabby sew much! Glad you are over the nastiness of the flu..

  • Elizabeth - Everything is so stinkin’ CUTE!! Well, except for the fire retardant part. Don’t you just hate that? Of course you’ll get everything done in time! We ALL will, right? RIGHT???ReplyCancel

  • Dandelion Quilts - Love what I see so far. LOVE IT! You’ll get it done…I just know it.ReplyCancel

  • Carol - I love the cabins and cottages quilt. Will that pattern be available for us to purchase? I hope so.ReplyCancel

  • knitsational - Wow! That is such a beautiful quilt!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - on the cabin & cottage pattern, when you say “fat pack”…do you mean fat quarters? I want to stock up in preparation for when the pattern becomes available! CynthiaReplyCancel

  • Nanette Merrill and daughters - Anne, My sister-in-law’s birthday is May 16 and she’s your #1 fan :-). haha Anyway I usually get her something nice for her birthday. I would love to give her a kit (do you make up kits?) with this pattern and fabric for it for her birthday. Is there anyway that would be possible? It would be really fun to give her the pattern when it has just been introducted. I know you are busy with preparations for market. If this wouldn’t be possible, I can try to think of something else but this would be my dream gift to her. What do you think?

    thanks nanetteReplyCancel