Look what I got!

Look what arrived in the mail today from Elizabeth at http://the-latebloomer.blogspot.com/! It’s a teeny tiny thimble with a pink bunny on it! I just couldn’t believe it when I opened the little package. She’s sending me a present and THANKING me for sending her some of my fabric to design with. I’m the one who should be THANKING her!!!!!! She made something with my fabric and I can’t wait to see it. I’m just so honored. She does such wonderful designs and if I had any time left for just regular sewing I’d be making her Flight of Fancy block of the month for myself! Thank you Elizabeth. I love the little thimble. It’s on the shelf by my desk so I can look at it while I work. And yes, this is the time for lots of work. Every designer I know is going a bit crazy right now trying to get everything done in time for Quilt Market. It’s coming up in May and we are all going to Portland! So far I’ve only been to the Portland airport so I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of that wonderful city. Every single designer makes the promise and swears up and down that we are NEVER going to be doing things last minute EVER again and we all end up doing LOTS of things last minute. I’ve decided we are all a bit nuts! Tee Hee!

As for Chelsea, she is looking so pitiful right now. At first she was doing good walking around, but I found out it was because of the pain patch she had on. Now she is walking like she is 110 years old! I feel so sorry for her, and the vet tells me that I have to make her walk. It hurts just to watch her, but I know it’s part of the healing process. Every day we go outside and I try to get her to walk a bit. She goes about the length of two houses and then just stops. She’s no dummy but she has secrectly told me she thinks the vet is…just kidding (:

And my favorite blog in the whole UK has given me the “You Make My Day” award! This is so sweet I can’t believe it, because they make my day too! So I have to give them the “You Make My Day” award too! Are you getting the picture? This could go on forever! LOL! Spend some time on their blog and visit their online shop. You will love it! And right now they are visiting our very own USA! http://www.buttonberry.typepad.com/ Thank you my Button Berry friends! Have fun in New York!

It’s back to work…

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  • KSedlak - Your little thimble is just adorable.
    My thoughts are with you and Chelsea. I am so sorry she is in so much pain.
    Thank goodness spring is coming. It always helps us to feel better.
    Happy Easter

  • Vickie E - love your thimble..soooo you…ReplyCancel

  • BusybeeDebQuilts - I love the thimble … how cute!

    Just wanted to wish Chelsea a speedy recovery … there’s nothing more heart breaking than watching our little one suffer with pain like that!


  • Jackie - Really cute thimble! I am sorry to hear that Chelsea is not feeling too well. But she will tell you when she is ready to move more. Thinking of her. Thanks for the link to Button Berry.ReplyCancel

  • Niki - I am having an online silent quilt auction. the quilt is in process still, but will
    be done most likely some time next week Latest. so if you are interested in bidding
    or know anyone who loves to buy quilts, send them my way :) the auction is off
    my blog, and i’ve been posting pics here and there of the progress.
    if you wanna blog about it, that’s cool too. either way, thanks for peekin’!