For the love of Quilter’s Home?

I received my first issue of Quilter’s Home Magazine by subscription last week. Yes, I subscribe to it, but if you had asked me a year ago to subscribe I would have said you were nuts. No possible way would I spend my money on this magazine! No Way! Maybe I’d occasionally pick it up if I saw it in the store, but subscribe? I figured there must be a reason they didn’t offer it by subscription!

So now take a look at that man on the cover. Him and his little dog. They have driven me crazy and somehow turned me into a devoted reader. Mark Lipinski. The man who has taken the quilting world by storm. I NEVER would have believed he could convert me! NEVER!!!! Maybe it’s the dog. After all he is pretty cute! When this magazine first came out, I got a brochure in the mail introducing this wonderful new magazine and asking if I was interested in advertising. Well, think about it…a magazine called Quilter’s Home HAS to be about quilting, home decorating and along the lines of Country Home…wouldn’t you think? I jumped at the chance to advertise and picked the best “county home photo” to show off my decorating taste. “Simply Cottage” by Bunny Hill Designs was the quilt I carefully selected to place in the magazine… sweet, the photo even has roses (photography by the famous Gregory Case).

Advertising isn’t cheap and I wish you could have seen my face when I read the first issue! There went some dollars down the drain. No one would ever be collecting the first issue. The magazine wouldn’t be around long enough!

Was this man nuts? Really, I thought he was! I couldn’t believe I just spent all that money on an ad in this magazine! I remember Sandy Klop (American Jane) and I having a conversation at Quilt Market. She loved the magazine and I hated it! When Lisa, the advertising rep came by my booth and asked if I wanted to meet him I couldn’t have run faster to get away! (: No way did I want to meet him! Lock the doors and throw away the key. Don’t put me in the same booth with him. Pleeeease! The only reason I kept reading the magazine was to make sure he didn’t write anything negative about me!

Now fast forward to today and I swear I LOVE this magazine. I don’t know when it happened, or even how it happened, but he has me. I’m a devoted fan and I read the magazine from cover to cover. I read EVERYTHING he writes and how many magazines can you say that about? He doesn’t even have the same taste in quilts as me and yet I still read it! I’m swear we are polar opposites! Other than our love of little dogs, fire and ice, salt and pepper, sugar and lemon drops describes us.

Now I’d like to meet him in person at Quilt Market, and no, I don’t want to stand in a long line surrounded by women waiting to get his autograph. I just want to meet him and say congratulations for taking a chance and making it work. He doesn’t even have to make a joke! I hope I won’t be disappointed in him. After all, I subscribe to the magazine!

So how about you? Do you read this magazine? Do you like it? What about the dog?

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  • The Christmas Shoppe - Anne – I have to tell you that I met Mark at Quilt Market many years ago. He was helping Holly in the LakeHouse booth and he was a riot (even though I could tell from the looks on some faces that they didn’t get his humor). His magazine is so him…..and I also read it cover to cover. Hope you aren’t working yourself too hard….let’s talk sometime soon. XO Mary JaneReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I remember that I was not impressed with the first issue because I was expecting something entirely different. Then a few months ago I picked up an issue and was hooked. Even my husband (who is a quilter too) enjoys it. When I read we could subscribe, I immediately signed up on the web site! Go Mark! And, yes, we love Tulip, the pug. How cute a name is that! LOL And because I love animals, I enjoy seeing your animals pictured on your blog, Anne. Keep up the great blog! Warm regards, Karen H.ReplyCancel

  • Suzan - I first picked up “Quilter’s Home” on a whim. I read the first page, started laughing and knew it was the magazine for me! I became a “Pickle” and subscribed as soon as it became available. I really don’t think of it as a quilt magazine at all. Just a good read and alot of fun!ReplyCancel

  • Mary - I must confess that I have NOT been a fan.

    I felt a little about this the way I do about Oprah’s magazine. It was like a whole magazine about … him … including the covers. Quilting just seemed like a vehicle to get … him … out there.

    However … I will give it another shot. Thanks for the push.ReplyCancel

  • Nanette Merrill and daughters - Anne that is so funny because my feeling when purchasing the first magazine was “this isn’t going to work out for him”. I thought the magazine wasn’t “meaty” enough for me and his taste is polar opposite to mine. But I did find him engaging. And refreshing somewhat from older magazines (which will remain nameless but are named after the women putting them out). I do think there is a “new” quilter out there and I haven’t felt the market is valuing them. So I was hopeful that this would work and that I would like it. I think I didn’t purchase every magazine but I have the last couple and I’m going to continue. Usually I don’t subscribe because my family will buy me magazines for gifts (like bringing mom/wife flowers and I like that). But this magazine is one I pick up myself. Its like a bonus for going to the grocery store or shopping. Anyway I find his point of view refreshing and I find I learn more from people different than me than those most like me. So yeah, I like the magazine because it fills a needed hole. There are still holes out there but maybe he will expand into them. I really need to email him myself and tell him some of my own ideas. (gee that sounds pompus)

    Thanks, always for your thoughts.


  • Anonymous - Well I’m a pug owner so that would win me over hands down. Your post has made me think about giving this mag a second look.
    Mary P.ReplyCancel

  • Thimbleanna - Hmmm. I had the same conversation that you had with your friend, with one of my best friends when it first came out — she loved it, me not so much. Ok, not at all LOL. So, months later, I decided to give it another shot. Still nothing!!! It’s just not doing it for me — there’s just a goofiness to the magazine that I can’t seem to get past. Sorry! Maybe I’ll wait a few more months and give it another shot — thanks for the recommendation!ReplyCancel

  • Yummers! - I loooooove that magazine!!! It’s a great read from front to back. I’m not even a quilter and I adore it. Look forward to each and every issue.

  • Anonymous - I don’t buy magazines anymore, but I’m glad this one exists for those who do. I LOVE Lily and Tulip and I do read the blog regularly. Not quite sure what I think about Mark, but he has become a kind of catalyst for a movement of some sort (or should I use the word evolution?).ReplyCancel

  • Kristin - I love the magazine, and love Mark’s sense of humor. I now have a subscription and read the magazines I have over and over, as do my non-quilting friends. I look at the magazine as a little dash of hot sauce to go along with the regular meals of more serious books and magazines. Or like that unexpected dash of red in a blue scrap quilt. I am glad that you are now happy about your advertising dollars!ReplyCancel

  • Jackie - Well, I have to say that I have been getting it since the very 1st issue and love it. I like it for a lot of reasons, but mainly that it is different. He uses humor and puts a smile on my face. I’ll tell you some days I need that smile. When I was at market I subscribed and am glad I did so. Like you I read it cover to cover. He has some very good information and writes very lightheartedly. I will continue to read it and hope that you will too. We all need a little laughter and smiles to brighten our days!ReplyCancel

  • Pat - I have loved this magazine from the start. I have a couple of posts on my blog about Mark and the magazine. He is so witty and I love his since of humor. I also read it from cover to cover. I think that Lily and Tulip are the cutest. Have a great day sweetpeas!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I have actually purchased three of the issues of Quilter’s Home at my quilter daughter’s urging. Been subscribing to numerous quilt publications for over 30 years. Must say I had to at least kick the lid off the box with this one, and it was quite a kick! I think for me the jury is still out but my daughter is sold on it. LouiseReplyCancel

  • Amy Elizabeth - I passed by the first issue thinking “Quilter’s Home” now that’s an idea as images of my home with fabric stuffed in every closet, the look of my husbands face as he when he finds a pin in the couch (the hard way). The frame as the focus of the living room…Ott lighting in each room… LOL. I would never have time for that. I thought the idea of a beautifully decorated quilter’s home was just a fantasy for me…of course I would like to live in one of those beautifully decorated scenes you see in the magazines but I certainly could not actually quilt if I wanted to keep it looking that way..LOL. Though I must say the magzine was not what I expected from the name and many issues later I do look forward to that magazine and yes, it is the only one I actually READ cover to cover and not just look at the pictures of the quilts and quilty things.ReplyCancel

  • Kay - I’ve met Mark, and love the magazine. What you read is what you’ll get if you get to meet him.

    Ok, so he’s not your typical quilter. Whatever “typical” is..

    He is now and interesting and not doing the same old, same old.

    Give him a fair shake. There is room in this world for the traditional and the new & up-coming.ReplyCancel

  • Kim West - I have to read every issue – love the magazine. It is the only quilting magazine that I will read cover to cover and laugh out loud – a lot. I love for the fact that it is about quilting, but not inundated with quilts that are just different colors of rehashed patterns over and over – that is sooo boring. I think I also like that all of the articles are first hand, not stuffy, and it is just plain fun to read!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I have every issue and no, you can’t borrow any of them! I love Quilters Home! It is a breath of fun, fresh air!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I discovered Mark’s magazine last summer. I bought it and read it in bed that night and finally my husband wanted to know WHAT IS SO FUNNY? I told him I’d found a magazine that was like Letterman for quilters. I LOVE IT!!!! :)ReplyCancel

  • Pam D. - I too Love Quilters Home magazine.
    I went back and bought all the back issues too…
    Makes me laugh.. we were so lucky to see him speak at Road to California Quilt show, and he had everyone falling out of their chairs.. we were laughing so hard.
    My thrill for the whole weekend was to have my pic with Mark.
    Which is framed and in my quilting room. :0)ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I love the magazine, and believe it or not, I loved your ad when I saw it. Love your style.ReplyCancel

  • mary - There are Thousands of us dear pickles that would never have known who you or bunny hill were if it wasn’t for your ad in quilters’ home as some of us have dropped alot of other subsciptions to other magazines. i had never heard of you and mean that as no offence. He is a truely genuine person and thats very very rare now days. besides its good to have something to laugh about every so often!!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Anne, having met both you and Mark all I cansay is can I be a fly on the wall? It would be very amusing because as you have already pointec dout you are different, but if you two found a topic that you both enjoyed it would be a scream.ReplyCancel

  • atet - I picked up the second (misse the first somehow) issue on a whim. I was bored — seemed a little different. He had me with that first one. I bought every single issue afterwards (and got to meet him briefly at Rosemont last spring — just like he is in the magazine btw). I love the product reviews — and the different opinions. Nope, I don’t have the same taste as Mark does — and that’s totally cool. But, boy does he make me laugh!ReplyCancel