Trying to Type

Block Number Two
š Charlotte’s Ribbon š
Now join your hands and with your hands your hearts
~ William Shakespeare



This is exactly how I’m feeling right now. I’m working on the part of designing that I like the least…writing the patterns! It’s this tedious little nagging thing that has to get done, but it’s never really fun and I’d much rather be quilting! Every time I start this process I feel like the little symbols you see above by the end of the day. I mean look at them! There’s a little ambulance in there and question marks, and some kind of megaphone. So are you wondering what this says? Yes, it actually says something! It’s that silly font called Webdings. Blogger doesn’t offer many fonts, and this is actually one they offer. How silly is that? Here’s the translation…

Block Number Two
Charlotte’s Ribbon


Now join your hands and with your hands your hearts
~ William Shakespeare



So what is block number two? Well, it’s giving me a writing challenge! I’m laboring on how to tell you to do the ribbon…it’s not always so easy! I mean the ribbon is easy, the directions are not. (:

So now that you’ve seen this block go to our local quilt store’s web site and see if you can pick out my very first quilt. Thimble Creek is having such a fun contest! Every designer in our area brought in their very first quilt and you have to match the quilt to the designer. I guarantee you will not be able to select my very first quilt! This is just too funny!

Back to work…(:

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  • Vicky - The block is gorgeous! And I absolutely could not win that contest! Can’t wait to hear which is yours!ReplyCancel

  • maryscottagequilts - Anne, I feel your pain, I have 7 patterns to write up.. I just sent the last one to the quilter but now the fun of pattern writing begins. Good luck to us both!

  • mar - Hmmm very difficult. I only one of for sure and it’s not yours!ReplyCancel

  • Thimbleanna - Such a pretty block! I’m a visual person and can’t explain things in writing — so I feel your pain. Good Luck!ReplyCancel

  • Mom2fur - Block Number 2 is stunning!ReplyCancel

  • from little acorns - Oh how funny with the font. . . the ambulance, the lightening bolt. . . ! (& the perfect name. . . ‘webdings’!) How appropriate for how it feels this time before Market! But once again. . . we will make it!! (Keep telling yourself that!) Also – note that there is also a present & a cruise ship in there too. . . keep thinking about those! Who knows?!

    The block is so beautiful. . . can’t wait to see all it. . . (& all that’s attached to it!)
    xo, – BrenReplyCancel

  • happy zombie - HA… the worst instruction I’ve ever written was how to make a 4-patch. The simplest things are always the hardest. Oh… and I still never wrote it. I left it at “make a 4-patch”.

    What a beautiful block Anne! Can’t wait to see the rest. And what a fun contest at TC. I hope they give us the answers after it’s over.

    I’m guessing #2 is Sandy and #3 is Freddy. #9 looks like Joanna. The one that looks closet to you I would say is #6 – because it has pink.ReplyCancel

  • mellyandrosie - I couldnt agree more! I hate writing patterns. I put it off for as long as I can. I am supposed to be writing a whole block of the month right now and am busy blogging instead! Oh the shame…ReplyCancel