Chelsea’s under arrest

Do you get that panic feeling when September comes around? Here at Bunny Hill it’s the standard. September 1st signals that market is just around the corner and something close to controlled chaos begins.


I hate deadlines, but I have to admit they make me focus. Everyone around me suffers, because I am not an easy person to get along with when Quilt Market is just around the corner. Really.


Even my pets begin to notice the difference. Poor Chelsea was just helping herself to a little bunny on my drafting table. Something I might have overlooked if it wasn’t for this market syndrome.

When she took the bunny, yes bunny, I arrested her…These are her booking mug shots. She was sent to puppy jail.

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  • mar - Oh Anne, how could you? LOLReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - You mean thing, you! LOL
    Those are the cutest “mug” shots I’ve ever seen! Chelsea is so very photogenic, even when she’s in big trouble!
    Andrea in FloridaReplyCancel

  • PamKittyMorning - Anne you seriously crack me up!ReplyCancel

  • from little acorns - Oh my!!!!! I was in a conference room . . . in a very quiet office space. . . with the doors open when I read this. . . Needles to say. . . A few people came running to see what was going on as I couldn’t contain my laughter !!! BTW, they all thought it was hilarious too. . . .

    As for the little bunny-napping Chelsea. . . you can’ tblame her for loving the little bun-buns. . . & at least it’s a soft & pink puppy jail! :-)
    xo, – BrenReplyCancel

  • gloria g. - And I’m sure she’ll get Time Served, how could you stand to be without her? She needs one of those bunnies for herself and Bitsey! How is she doing?

    fondly, gloria g. Richards, TXReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth - She looks like she’s smiling for the mug shots! Yes, Sept 1st brings panic over here, too. Why can’t August have a few more days?ReplyCancel

  • Cyndi Walker - At least she’s self-entertaining and resourceful!

    What a cutie, and photogenic to boot.ReplyCancel

  • Mom2fur - She wuz framed! The bunny was the instigator!
    “Innocent” is written all over Chelsea’s face.

    Then again…I could be partial because I’ve got a chihuahua of my own!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Leak - Aawwww what a cute prisoner! And I agree with mom2fur’s comment – she must have been framed, a dog that cute couldn’t be naughty.ReplyCancel

  • Becky - I just found your site and have fallen in love with little Chelsea. What a cutie! Love the “mug” shots! I have a little rat terrier, Katie, who also is a thief. Wish we lived close by and could have a doggie playdate!ReplyCancel

  • Rosemary - aw,,,,,,,look at that face!ReplyCancel

  • pink ric rac - LOVE those doggy pictures!! You seem to capture her spirit! :)

  • Kimberly Jolly - Chelsea is so cute. I think I have one of those little Bunnies in Emma’s nursery !!!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda - Oh that is hilarious – I love it!ReplyCancel

  • Debra - LOL!! So cute. My daughter’s dog, Bella used to steal my socks and hid it somewhere. She needs her own mugs. So cute!!ReplyCancel