Ice-Crystal Fog

The world outside my window is covered in white and it’s not snow!
It’s frozen fog!

The trees and ground are white!

It’s like seeing the world in black and white film! The most amazing thing happened when I got up this morning. The fog moved in overnight and because it was so cold it froze! I had to run out and take some photos to show you. Here in Oregon they act like this is normal! Not for me…I’m staying inside today to sew (yes, Gloria I’m working on that spring quilt). In case you are wondering, these beautiful trees across the street from me will be surrounded by houses in a few years. I’m not so sure I’d call that progress.

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  • PamKittyMorning - It looks so pretty, I’ve never seen frozen fog before!ReplyCancel

  • The other Anne - It’s actually called Hoar frost! At the south of end Bend it was “snowing” frozen fog. Unreal

    The other AnneReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth - So glad you took those pictures–it’s beautiful!! (and “frozen fog” sounds nicer)ReplyCancel

  • gloria g. - But it is all so beautiful! Thanks for sharing! You know we had our ice storm about two weeks ago, and I have never lived in snow or ice – originally from Florida. So it was like a winter wonderland. I loved it. But not the wet and mess! Anyway, good to hear your (working) and playing with your spring project! Keep us posted!

    gloria g. Richards, TXReplyCancel

  • Di - Wow – frozen fog…I’ve never heard of it before. Just new to your blog – gorgeous photos. It’s so hot over on this side of the world…your snow looks wonderful.ReplyCancel

  • Happy Zombie - How pretty! I didn’t realize you were in Oregon… I am too! Yup… another Nor. Cal transplant I am. I’m on the coast in Astoria and our favorite inland get-away is Detroit Lake and Sisters!ReplyCancel